Explosion of flavours at the Rigmarole in Oberkampf!

It’s hard to resist this tasty address located near the Mareuil hotel, where the game takes place in the plates rather than in the decoration and the atmosphere! The French-American chef Robert Compagnon has turned the grill into his favourite way of cooking. Fish, meats, seafood and other vegetables are all grilled and presented to guests in tasty and well-arranged bites. More classic dishes are also possible as a black mullet carpaccio or a mullet soup, as well as a steam cooked egg with oyster mushrooms. As for desserts, the chef has called to his side the pastry chef Jessica Yang, who was trained and has worked with Guy Savoy. As a very creative chef, she dares mixing unfamiliar flavours such as a chocolate fondant served with buckwheat ice cream or the clementines marinated in anise, accompanied with anise ice cream. At the Rigmarole, let yourself be amazed not only by the looks of the dishes but also by the incredible flavours!

Open from Wednesday till Sunday from 7:30a.m. to 11p.m.
Chef menu: 49 euros.

© Evan Sung

Restaurant Le Rigmarole
10, rue du Grand Prieuré
75011 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 71 24 58 44
Metro: Oberkampf (lines 5 and 9).

© Evan Sung

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