Circuses to discover with your family for Christmas time in Paris

For holiday season with Christmas and New Year, the perfect thing to do as a family is to undoubtedly go to discover the most beautiful circuses of Paris and their latest creations. Don’t miss therefore the show of Alexis Gruss, “Quintessence”, the Cirque Phénix show “CirkaCuba” and the “Surprise” show performed by the legendary Cirque d’Hiver.

1/ “Quintessence” by the Cirque Alexis Gruss
For its 43rd creation, the Gruss family joined the Farfadais troupe, the result is amazingly gorgeous. During 2.5 hours of representation, the audience discovers contemporary and poetic numbers, where the artists switch from juggleries to acrobatics, and play the tightrope walkers with a disconcerting ease. The show is musically led by the sublime singer Rachel Smith and a ten-members live orchestra. For “Quintessence”, the Cirque Alexis Gruss continues his “Pegase & Icare” previous show, based on the fight of facing elements to save the poor Pegase, who gets sick. When you leave the show, you only have one thing in mind: be part of this so particular, magical and touching family!

“Quintessence”, from October 22nd 2016 until February 19th 2017.
Shows: on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8p.m., on Saturday at 4p.m. and at 8p.m., and on Sunday at 4p.m.
Rates: from €20 to €75.

Alexis Gruss & Rachel Gardner Smith – Pas de deux Haute Ecole – Quintessence 2016

Chapiteau Alexis Gruss (website in French)
Carrefour des Cascades
Porte de Passy
75016 Paris
Metro: Ranelagh (line 9).

2/ “CirkaCuba” by the Phénix Circus
This year, The Phénix Circus sets on the Pelouse de Reuilly in the Bois de Vincennes to present “CirkaCuba”. Twelve exceptional numbers are performed there, inspired by the Russian circus as well as afro-Cuban culture, and also with a Chinese influence. Arrived on the spot, the spectators take a one-way trip to Cuba, thanks to the dancers, the musicians and the Cuban singer Rosalia Gomez Hasty. The scene quickly adorns itself with a colourful decor, and with at the back of the stage a Havana building paint, in trompe l’oeil style. The artists of the Russian swing, the capillary duet, and the ones performing in the Russian bar are all smiling and makes us want to dance and to party with them! Special mention for the magnificent costumes created by Pascal Jacob.

Cirque Phénix “Cirkacuba” (website in French), from November 12th 2016 to January 15th 2017
Shows at 10:30a.m., 2p.m., 3p.m., 4p.m., 5:15p.m., 8p.m. or 9p.m. according to days and dates.
Rates: from €19 to €90 the seat.

© Laurent Bugnet

Pelouse de Reuilly
75012 Paris
Metro: Liberté or Porte Dorée (line 8).

3/ “Surprise” by the Cirque d’Hiver
Just a block away from the Mareuil Hotel can be found the mythical Cirque d’Hiver which once again this year will astonish its audience! For this purpose, it welcomes the family Casselly, rewarded by a Golden Clown at the international Circus Festival of Monte Carlo for its number combining together elephants, horses and ponies. Other highlights of the show: Victoria Bouglione’s Hula hoop, moments when the clown Totti laughs out loud, or the roller-skateboarding of Matt & Valentina. This year, Michel Palmer aka Mr. Loyal celebrates his 35 years of performing on the circus ring. An event which you shouldn’t miss for nothing in the world!

“Surprise”, from October 8th 2016 to February 26th 2017.
From €25.

Surprise – Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione – Dominique Secher – 2016-2017

Cirque d’Hiver
110, rue Amelot
75011 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 00 28 81
Metro: Filles du Calvaire (line 8) or Oberkampf (lines 5 and 9).


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