The Hotel Mareuil welcomes pastry Chef Yann Le Gall

On Saturday, May 30th 2015, the Hotel Mareuil hosted young pastry Chef Yann Le Gall for a 100% gourmet event. Organized in association with Aurore’s “Un Cactus sur la Platine” blog, this day was the opportunity for participants to discover the highly kawaii creations of the young Chef.

Instagram YLGpatisserie_lsd / Aurore, Un Cactus sur La Platine et Yann Le Gall

A very colorful tasting workshop
Entitled “the YLG Tea Time Gourmand”, this event included: a culinary workshop with Yann Le Gall to cook Tin [cubes], an origami workshop with Aurore, and a tasting of rollcakes. This colorful tasting workshop was also an opportunity to explore Japanese culinary and artistic culture.

Discover the photos of the event!

Instagram aurore_uncactussurlaplatine / Yann Le Gall at the Mareuil Hotel

Capture Instagram mlle_kalumis / Yann Le Gall’s rollcakes

Follow his creations on Instagram.
Yann’s interview by Aurore.
Facebook Un Cactus sur la platine.

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