Privé de Dessert: when sweet becomes salty

Opened by Sephora Nahon, the Privé de Dessert restaurant is accurately named since the dishes here all resemble desserts! Thus, the toast is, in fact, a marinated tomato bread, fresh cheese mousse and anchovy, and the tiramisu is made ​​of candied lamb, parsnip mousseline with cinnamon and reduced juice. The guests are therefore transformed back into kids again, immersed in a gourmet game where the eyes betray the taste buds. The desserts also play the surprise card, such as the panna cotta with coconut milk and passion fruit, which takes the shape of fried eggs. Curious take note, this unusual restaurant is to discover without further ado.

Special mention: The restaurant has just released its cookbook, with no fewer than 40 recipes teaching you how to reproduce the classics of pastry in their salty version.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 11pm, and on Sunday for brunch.
Dishes from 13 euros onwards.

© Privé de dessert cookbook – The classics of pastry revisited in their salty version.

Privé de dessert
4, rue Lallier
75009 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 26 84 43
Metro: Anvers (line 2) or Pigalle (lines 2 and 12).

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