13th annual Jazz Festival at La Villette

The Jazz à la Villette Festival is back for the 13th year in a row. A must for all jazz lovers, the festival will take place in different venues in the capital city, including l’Atelier du Plateau, the Grande Halle at La Villette, the Cité de la Musique, and Cabaret Sauvage. As for the MK2 Quai de Seine and MK2 Quai de Loire movies theatre, they will be featuring jazz themed movies. 200 artists and 50 groups are on the program, with ten special creations, a concert marathon retracing the most famous records from 1959, the Jazz golden year, and numerous concerts dedicated to legendary artists from the past. All these festivities are proof that Jazz is alive and loved ! Children are also invited with Jazz à la Villette for Kids, a special program for families to introduce young ones to Jazz music through concerts, movies and shows.


The Jazz à la Villette Festival
is taking place September 2-14, 2014.
Programming and other information can be found here.






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