An interview with Gabriel Gaté, initiator of Taste Le Tour

Hotel Mareuil recently had the pleasure of hosting Gabriel Gaté, who created the “Taste Le Tour” show. The French chef, who currently resides in Melbourne, takes advantage of the Tour de France to present some of the most delicious regional specialties of our country.

1/ How did you start Taste Le Tour? What is the concept of the show?
Australians are very fond of the Tour de France, and the race has been shown live on Autralian TV for over 20 years. The images of the regions, villages, castles and mountains are simply magical. In 2003, I suggested to SBS Television a small food section for each leg of the Tour. After two years’ negotiations, they accepted the idea and “Taste Le Tour with Gabriel Gaté“was born, with a first showing in July 2005. The concept is to present the best of French gastronomy in each region of the Tour de France. It can be a particular wine, charcuterie, nougat, or the making of a cheese. We also show beautiful images of the different French regions associated with the food.


2/ How do you select the people or adresses presented on the show?
As soon as I have the Tour’s route in October, I start researching different specialties. I’ve been a chef for 43 years and I have lots of contacts, acquaintances, and professional friends.

3/ According to you, which is the most beautiful French region and why?
France is of great beauty. My native region on the banks of the Loire is magnificent with all the castles and the Loire itself. I also love Alsace and Beaujolais with the Route des Vins (road of wines). There is also Provence with its markets and the scent of lavender, the valley of the Dordogne and its beautiful villages…

4/ What are your favorite regional specialties?
I love a bouillabaisse from Marseille, a grand coq au vin bourguignon (a great rooster cooked with Burgundy wine), a seafood platter from La Rochelle or other Atlantic coast locations, or a classic Cassoulet du Sud-Ouest (Southwestern Cassoulet). I became a chef because I love to eat!



Gabriel Gaté and Jean-Pierre Lavigne, producers of Tomme cheese of the Pyrénées.

5/ What are your favorite gourmet adresses in Paris when you are staying at Hotel Mareuil?
Paris is rich in excellent restaurants. Just steps from the Mareuil, I had a very good meal at l’Atelier des Artistes, 4 rue Rampon 75011. The young chef, Yann Fontaine, is very talented. For a more romantic and gastronomic meal, I really enjoy la Grande Cascade, Allée de Longchamp in Bois de Boulogne 75016. For a great meal of contemporary French cuisine, I love l’Astrance, 4 rue Beethoven 75016. Chef Pascal Barbot is one of the best in his generation.

Follow the adventures of Gabriel Gaté and his gastronomic Tour de France on SBS.

More about the Chef.


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