Arty Thursdays: artistic fever in the Marais quarter

Tonight, the Marais quarter is home to artistic performances, workshops, and other fun events for the very first Arty Thursday. Doors are open at about 30 Marais art galleries for a free artistic night tour. Works by French and international artists are on display: paintings, sculptures, photographs, comic strips and more…

Arty Thursdays the VIP way
If you do not have the time or energy to plan your visit, you can buy your “Arty Bag ”. The concept is a simple one: make a reservation for a one-hour group visit lead by a contemporary art expert. The visit will start at the time you pick, in front of the first gallery on the tour. You will get your very own arty bag, filled with goodies and games, as well as a brochure illustrated by one of the artists on display. The program is detailed on the brochure, which also contains exclusive offers.


Les Jeudis Arty / Arty Thursdays, first ever on June 5, 2-14, from 6 to 10pm.
Free admission.
Solo Arty Bag rate (for one person): 30€.
Duo Arty Bag rate (for two): 50€.
Tickets limited to 300 people.
Reserve your Arty Bag.


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