Le Chemise: Oberkampf’s contemporary bistro

Located accross the street from Hotel Mareuil, between République and Oberkampf, Le Chemise is one of our team’s favorite restaurants. With its modern decor and delightful cuisine, this contemporary bistro is simply irresistible.

Copyright photos by Emmanuel Gill.

Deliciously gourmet cuisine
Cédric Lacaze, previously a chef at La Tour d’Argent
, is the young chef in charge in the kitchen. The menu changes every 6 weeks or so, and always includes fresh seasonal products at affordable prices. Cédric Lacaze reinvents traditional French gastronomie dishes with an exotic touch. Sea scallops are seasoned with a mandarin beurre blanc, while roasted duckling is served thai style with a side of Basmati rice. Other dishes stay more traditional, such as duck and fois gras Parmentier, or Brioche perdue served with milk jam and salted butter caramel ice cream. You will be spellbound.

Copyright photos by Emmanuel Gill.

Open Monday through Friday from noon to 2pm, and 7-10pm.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.
Appetizers: from 8 to 13€ / Main dishes: from 17 to 26€ / Desserts: 7€.

Restaurant Le Chemise
42, rue de Malte
75011 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 49 29 98 77
Metro station: République (lines 3, 5, 8, 9 and 11) or Oberkampf (lines 5 and 9).

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