The medieval Christmas Village in Vincennes

For the end of year festivities, several Christmas markets welcome you in the capital.  We have selected one of them for its unique and appealing charm: the medieval Christmas village at the Vincennes Castle. In this historic setting, children are invited, in the company of their parents, to participate in medieval themed games, admire jugglers and fire spitting artists, troubadours, knights, and magicians in a fairy tale atmosphere. The city of Vincennes also offers a Christmas market from December 9 through December 11, 2013, in the heart of the town.

Photo credits: Facebook Les Enchanteurs de Noël

The medieval Village of Vincennes, December 7-15, 2013.
Admission: children 15€ / adults 25€
Upon reservation only.

More information about Christmas animations in Vincennes.

Photo credits: Facebook Les Enchanteurs de Noël

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