Café des Chats: the purrfect place to relax!

For a bit of calm and relaxation after a cultural visit or a day of shopping, why not try the first Parisian cat bar? The Café des Chats is located in the 3rd arrondissement, and welcomes all cat lovers. In a place designed for cats (adopted from animal protection associations), you will be able to enjoy a cup of organic tea or an old-fashioned hot chocolate, with a slice of cheesecake or a Nutella muffin, while one of the mascots settles on your lap for a purring nap. A few rules apply for the respect of the cats’ privacy: you may not, for example, pick up a cat to carry it around, you may not feed the cats, and cats are to be left undisturbed while asleep. Also, children under the age of 9 may not touch the cats unless they are accompanied and supervised.

Photo credit: Facebook Le Café des Chats

Open daily from noon to 10pm.
Tea, hot chocolate: 5€.
Muffin, cheesecake: from 4€ to 6,50€.
Salads and salty tarts: from 9 to 10€.
Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays for 23€.

Le Café des Chats
16, rue Michel Le Comte
75003 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)9 73 53 35 81
Metro station: Rambuteau (line 11) or Arts et Métiers (lines 3 and 11).


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