Tour Paris 13 (Paris 13 Tower): street art in the city

If you are used to passing by Quai de Bercy, you must have noticed the big drop of fluorescent paint covering the building on the other side of the Seine. Before its scheduled destruction in November, the tower has been taken over by 80 graffiti artists from 16 different countries. All 36 apartments have been painted from floor to ceiling with vibrant colors. The artists worked on this exhibit at their own expense for 7 months.  Impossible to guess what hides in Tour Paris 13 when passing by: 4500 square meters of street art! Project initiator Mehdi Ben Cheikh of Galerie Itinerrance negotiated for weeks with the Mairie of the XIIIth arrondissement and has successfully brought this exhibit about. The tower is open to the public until October 31st, 2013. The line is long, so patience is on the menu, but the wait is well worth it!

Photo credit : Sandy Pérolle

Open daily expect Mondays from 10am to 8pm, October 1st through 31st, 2013.
Free admission.

Attention : for security reasons, only 49 people can come in and visit at the same time. be advised that the waiting queue could be quite long.

Photo credit : Sandy Pérolle

La Tour Paris 13
5, rue Fulton
75013 Paris
Metro station: Quai de la Gare (line 6).

Photo credit : Sandy Pérolle

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