Michalak’s Masterclass: put some gourmet in your life!

Fans of Chef Pâtissier Christophe Michalak were dreaming of it, and it has now come true: the renowned chef has opened his own school. Located in Paris’ 10th arrondissement, the Masterclass is both a workshop and a boutique, and offers pâtisserie classes, either with Christophe Michalak himself, or with one of his 3 sous chefs. Each workshop focuses on one theme: chocolate, macaroons, religieuses, or pain perdu (French toast). Each class is 3 hours long (2 hours for children) and welcomes a maximum of 12 participants (10 children). All the pâtisseries prepared during class will be tasted and eaten right away.  Participants leave class with a recipe portfolio and a selection of goodies.


“Autour d’un dessert” (around a dessert) workshops : 120€.
“Exclusif Michalak” (Michalak exclusive) workshops : 260€.
“Découvertes Enfants” (children discoveries) workshops: 80€ (for children 8 through 15, with a maximum of 10 participants).
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Michalak Masterclass
60, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75010 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 46 10 45
Metro station: Poissonnière or Cadet (line 7).


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