Café des Chats: the purrfect place to relax!

For a bit of calm and relaxation after a cultural visit or a day of shopping, why not try the first Parisian cat bar? The Café des Chats is located in the 3rd arrondissement, and welcomes all cat lovers. In a place designed for cats (adopted from animal protection associations), you will be able to enjoy a cup of organic tea or an old-fashioned hot chocolate, with a slice of cheesecake or a Nutella muffin, while one of the mascots settles on your lap for a purring nap. A few rules apply for the respect of the cats’ privacy: you may not, for example, pick up a cat to carry it around, you may not feed the cats, and cats are to be left undisturbed while asleep. Also, children under the age of 9 may not touch the cats unless they are accompanied and supervised.

Photo credit: Facebook Le Café des Chats

Open daily from noon to 10pm.
Tea, hot chocolate: 5€.
Muffin, cheesecake: from 4€ to 6,50€.
Salads and salty tarts: from 9 to 10€.
Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays for 23€.

Le Café des Chats
16, rue Michel Le Comte
75003 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)9 73 53 35 81
Metro station: Rambuteau (line 11) or Arts et Métiers (lines 3 and 11).


Tour Paris 13 (Paris 13 Tower): street art in the city

If you are used to passing by Quai de Bercy, you must have noticed the big drop of fluorescent paint covering the building on the other side of the Seine. Before its scheduled destruction in November, the tower has been taken over by 80 graffiti artists from 16 different countries. All 36 apartments have been painted from floor to ceiling with vibrant colors. The artists worked on this exhibit at their own expense for 7 months.  Impossible to guess what hides in Tour Paris 13 when passing by: 4500 square meters of street art! Project initiator Mehdi Ben Cheikh of Galerie Itinerrance negotiated for weeks with the Mairie of the XIIIth arrondissement and has successfully brought this exhibit about. The tower is open to the public until October 31st, 2013. The line is long, so patience is on the menu, but the wait is well worth it!

Photo credit : Sandy Pérolle

Open daily expect Mondays from 10am to 8pm, October 1st through 31st, 2013.
Free admission.

Attention : for security reasons, only 49 people can come in and visit at the same time. be advised that the waiting queue could be quite long.

Photo credit : Sandy Pérolle

La Tour Paris 13
5, rue Fulton
75013 Paris
Metro station: Quai de la Gare (line 6).

Photo credit : Sandy Pérolle

Michalak’s Masterclass: put some gourmet in your life!

Fans of Chef Pâtissier Christophe Michalak were dreaming of it, and it has now come true: the renowned chef has opened his own school. Located in Paris’ 10th arrondissement, the Masterclass is both a workshop and a boutique, and offers pâtisserie classes, either with Christophe Michalak himself, or with one of his 3 sous chefs. Each workshop focuses on one theme: chocolate, macaroons, religieuses, or pain perdu (French toast). Each class is 3 hours long (2 hours for children) and welcomes a maximum of 12 participants (10 children). All the pâtisseries prepared during class will be tasted and eaten right away.  Participants leave class with a recipe portfolio and a selection of goodies.


“Autour d’un dessert” (around a dessert) workshops : 120€.
“Exclusif Michalak” (Michalak exclusive) workshops : 260€.
“Découvertes Enfants” (children discoveries) workshops: 80€ (for children 8 through 15, with a maximum of 10 participants).
Sign up for class.

Michalak Masterclass
60, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75010 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 46 10 45
Metro station: Poissonnière or Cadet (line 7).


Arturo Brachetti enchants Paris

Between humor and magic, Arturo Brachetti’s new show is sure to dazzle Parisian audiences. Named Comedy Majik Cho (a funny way to read Comedy Magic Show!), the performance will take you to a fascinating universe, worthy of Tim Burton’s best movies. With illusion and magic, staged in the cabaret style, the show is rich in colors and laughter. An absolute must see.


Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell
38, boulevard Bonne Nouvelle
75010 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 46 79 79
Metro station: Bonne Nouvelle (lines 8 and 9).


Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) at Canal Saint-Martin

This year, Nuit Blanche focuses on 4 Parisian areas, including the Marais to République and Canal Saint-Martin quarters, both just steps away from Hotel Mareuil. From Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad to Point Ephémère and Gare de l’Est, and from the newly renovated Place de la République to the square in front of the City Hall, discover amazing light setups, video projections and fascinating works of art. A favorite of ours: the art of contemporary artist Felix Gonzales-Torres (1957-1996), dedicated to fighting racism, violence and AIDS. His works will be on exhibit at the Mairie of the 4th arrondissement and at the church of Saint-Eustache. Experience the magic in these areas, with their curtains of pearls and strings of lights.


Photo credit : Untitled (Placebo) (1991) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Nuit Blanche à la carte
The Nuit Blanche website is a sure way to prepare your night the way you want. Visit the official website and choose which attractions you like best, then plan your sleepless night accordingly. Enjoy your 2013 Nuit Blanche!


Nuit Blanche 2013, Sleepless Night 2013, Saturday, October 5, and Sunday, October 6, 2013.