Chez Moustache (Moustache’s) : a funny bistro

One of the 11th arrondissement’s most fun bistros is found just two minutes away from Hotel Mareuil, hidden behind a sign-less facade.  Chez Moustache is the story of 4 friends who decided to open their own place.  The ecclectic decors and styles (brick, baroque seating benches, school chairs) set the tone of this joyful brouhaha.  The server brings you the menu on a blackboard, and puts a bagfull of viennoiseries on the table.  Chouquettes ?  Not quite, just pieces of bread in a uniquely simple presentation.  The Chef offers the best products and serves them in simplicity.  Go for a dish with sauce, like the delicious Sauté de Porc with pommes de terre grenaille (sautéed pork and potatoes), served in generous portions.  A sure hit !




Open Tuesday through Friday from noon to 2 :30pm and from 8pm to midnight, on Saturday from 8pm to midnight.
Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Chez Moustache
4, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 43 38 26 88


Sauteed pork and potatoes

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