Enjoy a Sunday stroll in the Marais quarter

To avoid getting the typical cabin fever of Sunday, there’s nothing better than to stretch out your legs on a walk in the heart of the most lively quarter of Paris : Le Marais. Found between the 3rd and 4th arrondissement, and only minutes from the doorstep of Hotel Mareuil, it would be a shame to miss it.


The Marais quarter, one of unending cultural richness
Here reigns a spirit of permanent light-heartedness, and the last day of the week holds true to this rule.  This historic district once occupied by nobility, then by workers and artisans is now home to people of all walks of life.  This folkloric history lends to Marais an unequaled dynamic in the capital thanks to an unexpected mix of rich and varied cultures living idyllically side-by-side.  Along your walk you will be able to admire the historic mansions, the countless art galleries and museums, while always taking in the frequent Sunday street performers.


The trendiest shop windows of Paris
Even on Sunday it is still possible to shop in Paris.  You’re in luck, since the only boutiques open this day are the trendiest, those of the Marais, where shopping is king.  While strolling along the small cobbled streets searching for the window displays of young designers, you will uncover hidden treasures in the second hand shops, or in the Parisian brand name boutiques. Begin your hunt on rue de Sévigné, take it to rue des Francs-Bourgeois, and don’t forget rue Charlot.


An area filled with eateries!
If you want to eat a bite or have a drink on the patio, you won’t have any problem here.  At noontime, head over to l’As du Falafel (The best Falafel) (a jewish restaurant that holds true to its monicker), on a nice day take it to go and enjoy your food on one of the benches in Place des Vosges.  In the afternoon, take a break on the patio of the Open Café at the intersection of rues des Archives and Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie where the atmosphere is always convivial and gay.  For dinner, your best choice is the Chaise au Plafond (the Chair on the Ceiling), a nice traditional restaurant tucked away in a small impass where you can find quality French cooking.  Once you’ve tasted the Marais, you’ll never want to leave !


Nearby Metro stops : Saint-Paul (L.1), Hôtel de Ville (L.1 or 11), Rambuteau (L.11) or Arts et Métiers (L.3 or 11).


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