The famous movie theater «le Louxor» rising from its ashes

As you leave Hotel Mareuil and Place de la République, go up Boulevard Magenta until it intersects with Boulevard de la Chapelle: there, you will find yourself in a popular and historic area of Paris known as Barbès-Rochechouart. This is where «Le Louxor», one of Paris’ oldest movie theaters, is about to reopen. Zoom-in on this legendary cultural place.

An eventful history
Designed by architect Henri-André Zipcy, the Louxor cinema opens in 1921 at the intersection of boulevard de la Chapelle and boulevard Barbès. Inaugurated on October 6, it boasts a 1195-seat hall. At the time, the theater is open to smokers and attracts all of Paris with its unique architectural design.


An Arabian Nights Palace
The Louxor theater has a true 20’s antique architecture, with its neo-Greek and Neo-Egyptian styles: columns, mosaic and frescos. In 1981, the exterior walls and roofs are listed as part of the Monuments Historiques inventory. From the 60’s to the 80’s, the theater specializes in Egyptian and Hindi films, as well as grade Z films.


An abandoned venue
After its days of glory as a cinematographic venue, the Louxor is replaced by two night clubs, creole style, then gay, both of which close. The lack of success of the old building leads to its closing in 1983. A new project, sponsored by area associations and the Mairie de Paris, is now underway. Work has begun to renovate the space under the direction of architect Philippe Pumain. The plan is to create 3 halls, the biggest one seating 342, an exhibit space and a café-club.

The Goutte d’Or (Gold Drop) quarter is about to find new cultural life. The grand reopening of the Louxor-Palais du cinéma (cinema palace) is planned for 2013! Hotel Mareuil will keep you posted!


Until May 25, 2013, the Mairie of the 10th arrondissement proposes an exhibit about the history of the mythical movie theater.  For more information, visit the Mairie’s website (in French).

Louxor – Palais du Cinéma – Cinema Palace
170, boulevard de Magenta
75010 Paris
Metro station: Barbès-Rochechouart (lines 2 and 4).


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