A breath of fresh air at Square de la Roquette

Near Hotel Mareuil lies a perfect place for a family outing: square de la Roquette.


Photo credit: Paris1900.lartnouveau.com

A beautiful garden replacing… a prison!
Located at 143 rue de la Roquette, halfway between Place de la Bastille and the Père Lachaise cemetery, Square de la Roquette was built in 1977 to replace «La Petite Roquette». This used to be the pretty name of a penitentiary for women and young delinquents until 1975, when it was demolished. Two sentry boxes at the entrance remind the visitors of this bit of history.


Penitentiary “La petite Roquette”

Photo credit: Paris1900.lartnouveau.com

A park to please everyone
This big 15,920 square-meter garden offers plenty of attractions: a playground for children, a beautiful cascading fountain, and flower beds surrounded by palm trees. A footbridge leads to a gazebo with a splendid view over the surroundings. The esplanade next to rue Merlin gives access to the Olympe de Gouges theater, located in the basement. An ideal place to escape the agitation of the capital for a relaxed afternoon!


Photo credit: Paris1900.lartnouveau.com

Open daily from 8am to 6:30pm during the week, 9am to 6:30pm on the weekend.
Free admission.

Le Square de la Roquette
143, rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris
Metro station: Philippe Auguste (L.2) or Voltaire (L.9).


Photo credit: Paris1900.lartnouveau.com


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