Come to Hotel Mareuil and experience the well-being center «espace bien-être»!

While waiting for Spring to arrive, Hotel Mareuil suggests that you take advantage of the espace bien-être, where the spa and fitness area offers all you need to feel fully refreshed.  How nice it is to take care of yourself!

A fully equipped gym
The choices are numerous with the treadmill, the elliptic bike, the Power Bike, and the semi-professional Power Plate that includes coaching. The space is equipped with all the newest hight performance machines that allow you to work out every muscle in your body. After all your hard work, a nice relaxing session at the spa is all you need.



More information about the Power Plate and Power Bike.

Relax your body and mind at the spa
Nothing is better to eliminate toxins than a relaxing break at Hotel Mareuil. It offers Turkish baths and an oxygenation station using natural pine extract that will regenerate your body and release all the tensions of everyday life. And then? Well, all you need is your own cosy room at Hotel Mareuil, less than 2 minutes from the spa! Hotel Mareuil really has everything planned for your well-being.

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