Hotel Mareuil acquires five lenticular artworks

Graphic and a touch retro, Hotel Mareuil, newly opened in Paris, is also artsy.  THe owner is an art lover and just could no resist these five pieces, works by Hugues Decointet. A great opportunity to meet the artist and learn a bit more about this enigmatic art.


Mareuil: How did you become an artist?
Hugues Decointet:
agricultural engineer by trade, I did my first personal exhibit in 1991, at Galerie Lucien Durand in Paris. As a cinema and theater enthusiast, I worked on commercials. That’s how I realized that I really enjoyed all the preparatory work of the movie, synopsis, models, sets rehearsals and interaction of characters. Then I began to work on set design. What I love is the temporary, transitional and conditional aspects of the art : a set can be destroyed or be used again in another piece, a scenario or model opens up the possibilities… a bit like children playing who say: this will be such-and-such, and we will do this…


Hôtel Mareuil – You are currently showing lenticular works at the hotel.  Tell us about them.
These works were commissioned by the owner of the hotel Mareuil, an avid art collector. They were to complete his vision, because in many rooms one can find lenticular works in smaller formats. This process allows the artist to create images that give a senation of 3D or or relief which change depending upon the angle the piece is observed. Throughout the first five stories of the hotel, you can discover a story, upon entry of a castle to it garden.  While descending or ascending the stairways, the images and their text appear and disappear completely or partially, leaving room for mystery.


Hôtel Mareuil – Exactly what thoughts  do you wish to inspire in the hotels visitors ?
In these works, the text is an image in itself. The works were placed in niches under each landing, illuminated in such a way that they resemble boxes of light, as if the light was projected from the image itself. This profound effect also gives the impression of entering inside the work. Visitors, and most certainly their children, will almost certainly have an irresistable desire to enter or touch the images themselves.  They allow each viewer to imagine, whether an adult or child, and beckon an irresistable journey. The texts that are shown are taken from one of the plays I set designed, «After Snow White» («(D)’Après Blanche-Neige») (2009).


If you wish to acquire or order a work by Hugues Decointet, please contact him directly by email at


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