An eye on Vasarely at Musée en Herbe

At Hotel Mareuil, we are true art lovers. We have just set a few works of graphic, optical and kinetic art on one of our floors, including 2 by legendary artist Victor Vasarely. When we heard about the Vasarely exhibit for children, held at the Musée en Herbe, we thought you ought to know about it!

The work of Vasarely explained to children
Through a treasure hunt, children from 5 to 12 are led from one piece of art to the next, in order to better understand the work of the father of Op Art. The French painter successfully gives an impression of movement through the use of geometrical shapes. From his famous zebras with ondulating stripes to his chromatic alphabet, children are invited to enter the black and white universe and the dream world of the artist. Through playful activities (zebras seemingly coming to life, works to put back together, etc…), children are able to enter Vasarely’s phantasmagoric world. They will love it.

The «Vasarely vous a à l’œil» exhibit, from March 16 to December 31, 2012.
The museum is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, at night until 9:00 pm on Thursdays.
Treasure hunt for children 5-12 and their family: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am , noon, 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 pm (every day during school vacations).
Duration: 1 hour.
10€ per child / 6€ per adult.

Le Musée en Herbe
21, rue Hérold
75001 Paris

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