Dinosaurs at Jardin des Plantes (the Paris botanic gardens)

Looking to fill your children with wonder? Then take them to the new exhibit at Jardin des Plantes, «Dinosaures, la vie en grand» (dinosaur, life in big). You cannot deny it, dinosaurs are a wonder for both children and adults. Until May 13, 2013, you are invited to learn about the life of the biggest dinosaur of all times: the Sauropod. 40 meters long, and weighing up to 90 tons, as high as 4 buses, this herbivore was not very well known until recently. Today, thanks to years of research, questions about its way of life can finally be answered. How did it find enough food to fill its 100 000-calorie diet? How big was its heart? How did its muscles support its weight? You will know everything about the sauropod!

Illustration ©Michel Fontaine

A breathtaking reenactment
The exhibit is perfectly designed. Your little ones will be amazed from the very start, when they are greeted by a lifesize model of the head and long neck of the Sauropod, surrounded by luxurious vegetation. Thanks to dimmed lighting, they will be very impressed when they meet the 5-meter tall model of the hind leg of Supersaurus, among other specimens. They will also be able to take part in a miniature prehistoric dig site. Who knows, it may inspire new vocations!

The «Dinosaure, la vie en grand» exhibit at Jardin des Plantes, from October 23, 2012, to May 13, 2013.
Open every day (except May 1st) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Full rate: 9€ / Reduced rate: 7€ (ticket coupled with la Grande Galerie de l’Evolution).

Jardin des Plantes / Grande Galerie de l’Evolution
36, rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire
75005 Paris
T.: +33 (0)1 40 79 54 79

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