Sleep like a baby!

No more sour faces in the morning. From now on, you will look refreshed and relaxed thanks to NightCove by Zyken! This unique and innovative product, designed by Patrick Jouin, offers quality sleep from the first use.  Hotel Mareuil is dedicated to everything that is relaxation and well-being, and this innovation caught our attention. That is why we have decided to put one in each bedroom!

How does it work?
NightCove plays lights and sounds programs that stimulate the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, thus improving sleep quality.  Morning programs are stimulating whereas night programs are soothing and relaxing.  Furthermore, the stylish design will complement any bedside table. There is also a special program for those who simply wish to nap.  NightCove?  Come and test it at our hotel as soon as we open!

Retail price: 1,180€.

To purchase NightCove
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