Discover the flowery pathways of Oberkampf!

You think that Paris and its most frequented areas don’t have any treasures, you’re wrong! The area of Oberkampf, besides its trendy bars and restaurants, offers you the chance of admiring little corners of paradise.

Photo Credit: Beegirl

Photo Credit: Beegirl

The flowery pathways of the Parisian East
The 11th district is home to a few surprises that only the adventurous ones will be able to unveil… By strolling around the area, you’ll inevitably stumble upon one of the flowery pathways that the Parisian East has. By crossing them, you’ll leave behind an urban and noisy world, to discover a zen universe, a true haven where you can find numerous ateliers. In the Cité du Figuier (104-106, rue Oberkampf), you must co-exist with cats lying under the sun and a luxurious vegetation to say the least. A few steps away, you’ll discover Cité Durmar (154, rue Oberkampf), where the sidewalks will take you back to old Paris. A relaxing and different kind of trip to make without waiting any longer!

Photo Credit: Beegirl

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